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Wet Wipes – Dozens of Practical Uses For Men & Women

Wet Wipes – Dozens of Practical Uses For Men & Women

Moist toilettes, or as they are more commonly known wet wipes, are one of the handiest things to have in your home, office or the car when travelling. These soft towelettes have many uses in today’s busy world and have become commonplace everywhere. Initially they were introduced as a way to keep babies clean after diaper changes. It wasn’t long though before smart mothers began to find many other uses for them. They soon became a way to keep not only babies bottoms clean, but also a great way to keep a babies hands and face clean. A staple in the diaper bag, mothers also found them a great way to keep their own hands and face fresh. They were commonly used in public areas to make sure they were clean, and mothers used them in public bathrooms to ensure that the areas they used were sanitary.

Before long they were also becoming a staple in the car. They are easy to store them in the glove compartment for quick access when needed. Men and women found them great for cleaning up their hands after going to a drive-in restaurant, as well as a great way to clean their face for a fresh feeling. Before long, many restaurants were giving them to customers with their order, so they could wipe greasy food away before resuming driving. Many people keep wet wipes in the car for when they need to use public washrooms on the road. Everyone has had the experience of using a public washroom and then finding that there is no toilet paper. These make a great substitute.

One of the best places to have these wipes is in the office. They are a great way to wipe dirt and grime off your desk, not to mention that they also help to clean bacteria and germs off computer keyboards and phones. They are also used to keep hands clean as well as a great way to freshen up during the work day.

As they started to become more popular, manufacturers realized that specialized wet wipes could be more useful and beneficial to their customers. They soon developed wipes that would specifically help people with sensitive skin. These are normally alcohol free as well as fragrance free. They have been made using cleansers that are mild on the skin and contain moisturizers. These are great for babies with sensitive skin or ones that are suffering with diaper rash. They will help to clean and protect the soft skin of a baby.

The next type to enter the marketplace was antibacterial wipes. During cold and flu season these are especially good for helping to protect oneself from the spread of germs. Cleaning your hands as often as possible is a good first line of defense against picking up germs from different surfaces. When you can’t wash your hands these are a perfect substitute for soap and water. Antibacterial wipes have been proven in clinical setting to be just as effective as the bottles of gel sanitizers in killing germs. They are also much more convenient that the bottles of gel, especially if you are flying, where they are not allowed on the plane. When out in public they are an easy way to wipe off different surfaces, such as shopping carts or mall doors, before using them. Teaching young children to use them before entering school is a great way to get them started in protecting themselves when in the classroom.

The most popular type of wet wipes are the regular ones that you use and then flush. No matter where you use them they are easily disposed of. Just flush them or thrown them in a garbage receptacle when done. These also come with different formulas, such as ones with Vitamin E, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. They are hypoallergenic and alcohol free and are available in a number of different sizes. They are easily stored so that your family will always have access to them.