10 Jun, 2024
1 min read

Cybersecurity in the Workplace Is Crucial

Cybersecurity can be summarized as reducing the risks of intrusion, attacks or the effects of natural or human-made disasters through the use of information and communication technologies. On the other hand, cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for and adapt to ever-changing conditions and to recover rapidly from deliberate attacks, natural disasters accidents, or incidents through the use of information and communication technologies. Also, the larger a company grows, the stricter its cybersecurity policy must be because the risks of attacks increase with the size of the structures.

Therefore, large companies are regularly the target of repeated computer attacks. …

1 min read

Internet Addresses Are Running Out Quickly

The technology behind Ipv4 has always been known as a limited option. There can only be 4.3 billion addresses that are available using it. While that is a large number, the number needed for businesses and private residences are far outstripping it. The population is growing in the world and the internet is reaching more of that number. The Routing and Addressing Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force has been working on this issue. An ipv4 transfer and Ipv6 implementation have helped, but not fast enough. They still have a ways to go, considering there was one exhaustion that …