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Acne Over the Age of 30

Acne Over the Age of 30

There are many causes to acne. Whether you are not washing your face or body correctly, or you eat too many salty foods, it is often difficult to win the battle of the acne which is causing you discomfort. Many people continue to have acne over the age of 30 for many reasons. There are many types of acne to explore. The best thing to do is research them and see the best method to get rid of them. Some popular types of acne are:

1. Rosacea- A moderate case of acne that usually develops after the age of 30 coming in the form as a red rash. More predominate in women, can cause swelling of the nose and growth of excess tissues. Treatment is different from your typical acne. Consult your doctor before any treatment.

2, White Heads- The basic of acne is cause from not washing your skin properly. These are from when your pores are blocked and you need to be popped. Study on the best method to pop your white head to get all the pimple out.

3, Acne Conglobata- This is a serious case of acne. This results in damage to your skin. The cause for this type of acne is unknown, but it is linked to a group of blackheads but that is not the cause. Treatment for this is not a simple cream. Prescribed creams are the only cure for this serious case of acne.

4. Black Heads- Another basic case of acne that if not treated can spread into a white head and worse assists. These are caused when your pores are partially blocked. This is the beginnings of a white head. Studying on how to get these out of your body is an easy task. There is no need for special creams or ointments.

Whatever the cause for your acne, it is best to get them popped and out of you body, Pimples can turn into assists and can result in surgery that will cause you even more discomfort. Remember to always take care of your body. Scrub properly and wash thoroughly. Remember that acne will happen to all. There is a cure for every case of acne. In serious cases, it may take years to clear up the damage done to your skin. Take care of your skin and remember to always to wash properly.