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Uncovering the Finest Skin Care For Adult Acne

Uncovering the Finest Skin Care For Adult Acne

As a career woman, you need to look good, clean and presentable at all times. Your physical appearance will contribute to your reputation as well as to the improvement of your self-esteem. Having acne during your 25th to 40th year of age is normal. You are suffering from adult acne. This may be caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, HRT or menopause. Whatever the cause of your adult acne is, it should be cured and eliminated. For a career woman like you, it is a must that you have a soft, smooth and blemish free skin.

If you have adult acne, you don’t have to be very worried. There are several treatments that you can choose from. And the best treatment for adult is acne is to take antibiotics. This can speed up the healing process of the acne but its long-term use can cause the weakening of your body’s immune system and at worse it can destroy the intestinal flora in your body thereby triggering the occurrence of candida or yeast-type infections.

Your second option is to use acne cleansers with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. This type of cleansers, depending on the strength of the solution and frequency of use, can cause premature aging. The use of accutane is also advisable in severe cases of adult acne. If you will use this medication, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice because it can cause liver damage and birth defects.

Have you heard about glycolic acid? Products with this solution are good treatment for adult acne, but they should be used together with some nourishing creams. The application of nourishing creams is very important so that your skin will not lose the moisture that it needs to look young and healthy. Vitamin A or topical retinoic acid is another option but make sure that you know the possibility of skin irritation. This solution may be very harsh to your skin.

If the cause of your acne is hormonal imbalance, the use of a birth control pill is the best treatment. If you see some signs like hair loss or thinning of hair or excessive presence of facial hair along with adult acne, the cause is hormonal imbalance so you should see your doctor immediately. You cannot just take any birth control pills for your adult acne. The pill should be prescribed by your doctor.

These are the solutions available for you if you are already suffering from adult acne. If you don’t have this problem, but you would like to prevent its possibility, you should start taking multi-vitamins, a small amount of milk thistle and 8 glasses of water every day. This routine can help you achieve a smooth, healthy and young looking skin that will be envied by everyone.