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Effective Learning in 4 Steps Do-Review-Apply-Learn!

Who often studies until they stay up late but feel they don’t understand? Have you tried various learning methods but not maximized? Calm down, it’s natural. Therefore, this time Mipi wants to share effective learning methods that you can try at home. This learning method is summarized from the Twitter tweet of Kak Fikri, CEO of Pahamify. So, it’s guaranteed to work. Curious? Let’s read this article to the end!

Effective Learning Method

Based on the book Learning How To Learn which was reviewed on the YouTube channel Question Mark Rain , effective learning can occur when we not only memorize the material, but when we can really understand what is being studied. In order to learn more effectively, you must understand the concepts and patterns of the content of the material being studied

For example, when you are working on a physics problem. Not only the formulas are memorized, you also have to understand where the formula comes from, how it is applied and its function. In this way, you will really understand a material. If you already understand the material, it will automatically be easier for us to remember the material.

4 Short Steps to Effective Learning

To make it easier to apply effective learning methods, you can try the Do-Review-Apply-Learn cycle. How to? Let’s read the explanation below:


Pahamifren, surely you already know what the word “Do” means? Yes, that’s right, “Do” means to do. To start an effective way of learning, you must do the initial stage, namely “Do”. In this stage, you will carry out learning activities as usual. You can do learning activities from any subject you want to learn. Not only by reading textbooks, you can also do learning activities through practice questions, you know.

When you do learning activities, you don’t know anything about the content of the learning material because you are still in the process of thinking and haven’t learned. For example, when you directly do the Biology practice questions without studying first, so when you answer the practice questions you are still looking at the book. That way, you don’t know anything about the material.


Well, now we enter the second stage, namely ” Review “. Are you the type of person who always looks at the reviews before making a decision? For example, when you want to buy a product or want to watch a movie, you should look at the reviews of the product or film first before deciding to take action. You can also apply steps like that in studying, you know.

After carrying out normal learning activities, you can check the results of the studies you have done in the “Do” step so that you can experience effective learning methods. In this step you check the success of the learning process of Biology material from books or practice questions. From the practice questions, you can see how many percent you managed to do the practice questions. Or, you count how many mistakes you made in answering the questions from the total number of questions.


If you have done the review step , now is the time for you to evaluate and find out how to study effectively and better to improve your learning outcomes. In the previous example, you can evaluate all the questions that you are still wrong in answering, on the questions you will see what part of the material you lack.

So, the result is in the form of a collection of material that you are still having trouble studying. For example in the matter of Biology, it turns out that you still have difficulties in the material of Osmosis, Enzymes, Growth and so on.


Now you know what you lack in the material. Next, to practice effective learning methods, you will look for learning resources to strengthen your understanding of the material. Learning resources are not only from books, you know.

You can look for learning resources such as cool learning videos so you don’t get bored in learning. Never get tired of enriching your learning resources, Pahamifren! The richer sources of knowledge you have will make you a student who really understands the material.

Do-Review-Apply-Learn is a cycle that you have to repeat. If you have enriched your learning resources, you can repeat the “Do” step to the “Apply” step for effective learning methods. So, you can continue to improve your learning process.