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How To Search for Books For Your Teenager’s Kindle

How To Search for Books For Your Teenager’s Kindle

Do you want your teenager to read more? Perhaps getting a Kindle for them is the answer. Teenagers have many electronics that they use every day: cell phones, lap tops and iPods to name a few. The great thing about a Kindle is that you can find books in electronic form and your teenager can read it straight from their Kindle. Once you’ve decided to buy a Kindle for your young adult you must now learn how to search for the right books.

If you do a search for “teen books” an Amazon, the only results you will get are books with “teen books” in the title. The first thing you want to do is perform an Advanced Book Search. You can leave all of the fields at default except for Format and Reader Ages. Change format to Kindle Books. Then change reader ages to either 9-12 or Teen. By doing this you will find books that are relevant to your teenager. You can either sort the results by bestselling, rating or price.

Perform this search with your teenager and find out what books he is most interested in. You want to be part of this process, especially because Kindle Books must be purchased with a credit card and you definitely want to be aware of how much money is being spent. Another great thing about having your teenager use a Kindle is that there is a built-in dictionary and easy access to Wikipedia. These will come in handy when he doesn’t understand a word or concept.

Searching for Kindle books for your teenager might take some time in the beginning, but in no time at all both you and your teen will be able to search for books quickly and find the best deals. Reading is a great skill for both gaining knowledge and for entertainment. A Kindle might be the key to getting your teen to read more and maybe even enjoy it.