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How to Complete OSHA Training

Safety training is vital in most areas of construction or factories. The training not only helps to minimize accidents but it can also keep workers from being killed while on the job. Whether you need OSHA training is up to your employer. In some jobs, it can help with advancement. Employers have a legal responsibility in keeping a workplace free from hazards. It takes both the employer and the employee working together to know what kind of training is necessary?

While OSHA does set the standards for each industry, the specific training program is decided by the worksite or the employer. Each job site has its own unique set of requirements. The hazards are different for each job site. Therefore, the employer has to follow the correct OSHA standards. OSHA does not require specific training programs. Yet,  some job sites will have stricter requirements.

OSHA offers a ten-hour training class and a thirty-hour training class. You have two ways to take the training classes, in person or online. There are things that you should take into consideration when choosing a class. These are;

  1. Provider
  2. Accessibility
  3. Customer experience

When choosing a provider you want one that is credible and has a good reputation. Check over the curriculum to make sure that all the topics you need are covered in their classes.  The provider should also offer twenty-four-hour support seven days a week. The phone number for support should be toll-free.

You might even find one that has an online chat service available.  Support should be available for you no matter what time of day or night you are working on the class. The cost of training is another factor when choosing a provider. If one provider is offering the same course with the same curriculum, then you should look at the price. Take the one that is most cost-effective.

Accessibility is in how you access online OSHA courses. With most online OSHA training you enter their training class with a username and a password. The layout of the website should be one that is easy for you to navigate. The easier it is to navigate the easier it is for you to complete your class work. This makes it easier to complete your training faster.

After you have chosen the provider you want to use check out the reviews that other students have written about the online OSHA courses. Prior student’s testimonials will let you know that this is the provider for you. You can find comments in the forums, on other websites, or in blog comments.

Another factor that you should check out is what type of OSHA training do you need.  Do you need construction or just general industry training? Your employer can tell you which one you need. Construction work comprises new construction, repair work, or alteration. This also includes decorating and painting.

General Industry is anything not in construction. This can be healthcare, warehouses, distribution, retail, and manufacturing. While this gives you some idea of what you need, you have another option. This option is to check out the topics that were covered in the course you have chosen. See if they are things that you will encounter on your job.

The last thing to consider is doing you need the ten hour or the thirty hour OSHA training. The ten hour course is good for entry-level workers but supervisors or managers should take the thirty hour OSHA training class.