Find The Right Type of Severe Adult Acne Treatments

A�Acne is never a happy experience for teenagers who have suffered through this. How much more so if an adult is going through this same experience. The scenario may be that the person hasn’t really shed off his acne during his teenage years and he’s still suffering the same condition up to adulthood. If you’re suffering from severe acne and you feel that your case is hopeless, it might be good for you to hear that there is a cure for severe acne. While it may seem the most difficult task, finding ways on how to control and prevent the acne from spreading is best done with the help of a physician.

Prescribed medicine is one severe adult acne treatment that might work for you. These medications might be prescription or non-prescription strength. Benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid cream are two of most common types of severe adult acne treatment. Contraceptive pills may also work for women suffering from severe adult acne. This is effective if they still have their menstrual period. Oral medications prescribed by a physician may also aid in eliminating severe acne.

It has always been emphasized never to burst or pop the pimples no matter how great the urge may be. This is done so that spreading of the acne is avoided and no scars will appear. Antibiotics help eliminate severe acne too. For a time, retinoic acid has been in constant use to treat severe acne, however, it faced some side effect issues. Certain skin types were highly irritated. Recently, another form of this acid was introduced into the market, which lowered the chances of severe irritation. Just remember that self-medication is never the answer to your severe adult acne. Visit the family doctor or the nearest dermatologist in your area and discuss with him the treatment possibilities.

By melly