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The Sex Friend Law – 5 Rules to Follow Before Getting Involved With a Sex Friend

The Sex Friend Law – 5 Rules to Follow Before Getting Involved With a Sex Friend

Having a sex friend sure is phenomenal. Everything’s causal – the relationship, the sex, the meetings – feelings not involved.

Think of yourself first. Can you handle the thrill and drama? Are you in control of your life? If you think you can’t get control of your feelings and that you absolutely have a gentle heart and have absolutely no inkling to what fun is, then go slow. Just make sure you think of yourself first.

Loosen up and have some wicked fun. Having a sex friend spells one thing (aside from sex of course): Fun. That’s right. Everything else will be useless if you don’t know how to have fun at all. Make sure you let yourself free and loosen up. You need to be if you want to get all the freebies.

Don’t get too caught up. Sure, sometimes things get a little out of control and we get off track. Steer right back in. No need to get involved so much with a sex friend. Take precautions before you actually find yourself falling in love (of course, that’s like a fairy tale ending, and we’d love for you to have it but it pays to be prepared anyway). So don’t be caught up. Or you’ll end up trapped.

Learn control. Moderation is bliss. Too much of something is bad enough so learn how to put space in between. Having a sex friend is cool and liberating but you need your alone time as well. Learn control. You will need it. Getting involved is one thing but getting too involved is a different story.

It’s all about the sex — and many more. You need to be a little realistic on this one — a sex friend is just that. A sex friend. But it can turn him or her into something else if you lose control of yourself and get even more involved. So while we’re at the subject, remember that how this relationship progresses is according to your decisions and feelings (and we’re keeping our fingers crosses for that). Other than those, don’t forget to have fun fun fun!