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Signs and Symptoms of Adult Onset Diabetes

Signs and Symptoms of Adult Onset Diabetes

The term “adult onset diabetes” is not new for most of us; still there are many who are unaware of this term. Even more important is the knowledge of symptom of adult onset diabetes. The information about symptoms of this type of diabetes is critical because of the timely diagnosis of the problem.

A recently collected statistical data has revealed that diabetes is 7th primary cause of death in USA. The figure is disappointing, however good news is that diabetes type 2 also termed adult diabetes can be cured by achieving ideal weight and practicing healthy eating and living habits.

Even if a person is not diagnosed with diabetes, his diet should be steer clean of past, pastry treats, soda pops and cookies. There is no harm in eating these things but in moderation. If someone takes these things in routines then he must expect to be diagnosed with this chronic ailment. It is not possible to change the diet overnight. Lot of patience and stamina is required for hanging the eating pattern.

The secret tip to stay away from the risk of this type of diabetes is to design a meal plan rich in complex carbohydrates and low in sugar.

The symptoms of this type of diabetes incorporate

Excessive thirst

Increased hunger

Frequent urination

Blurriness in vision


Slow healing of cuts and wounds

Recurrent vaginal and yeast infection

Erectile dysfunction

To treat the symptoms of adult onset diabetes, diabetic must first identify the root cause. Timely diagnosis helps in treating diabetes. Whatever the cause of diabetes is; the signs of diabetes must be given primary importance.