PhD in Post Secondary and Adult Education For Continuous Learning

Education is not solely confined to the perimeters of young minds. Although it is the right of every child to receive a form of formal education in his or her growing years, at times this is not evident due to various circumstances. Whether it is due to economical, political, social or other factor, it is still a nagging and forefront concern of governmental and non-governmental organizations. If you already have a background in teaching or have a passion to impart knowledge and education, equipping yourself with a PhD in Post Secondary and Adult Education is a viable option. This allows you to make a contribution to society in narrowing the numbers of uneducated individuals, thus giving everyone a chance to make a mark in his lifetime.

As part of this doctorate program’s curriculum, you are exposed to the principles of education in non-conventional settings. In other words, you learn what it takes to educate people outside the confines of an academic environment such as schools, colleges or universities. With the advent of online and distance learning, education is taken to another level whereby non-residents have the option to pursue education where their local education opportunities are lacking. As most matured students pursue adult education whilst juggling day jobs and families, the doctorate program for a PhD in Post Secondary and Adult Education focuses on how the education process is to be modeled to produce an effective learning environment.

Since matured student crowd comes from diverse backgrounds in terms of prior exposure to education, academic levels and current situations, the doctorate program imparts knowledge on teaching methods suited to various target crowds based on their learning capabilities. The matter of curriculum development is also touched upon as thinking processes differ with age, experience and environment. Educating a group just embarking on their working years is significantly different from those who in the workforce for more than half their lifetime. Latest technology stymies many and causes them to shirk from learning more. Hence, effective methods of education in non-conventional settings challenge the PhD student to research into ways of how to reach out to the masses.

By melly