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Part 135 Online Aviation Training Explained

As a group of modules, the Air Carrier Package was designed to meet the training requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation FAA Order 8900.1, your Ops Specs, 135 subpart K, 135.351, and 135.331. Each module must contain an exam at the end to meet the testing requirements of Part 135 online aviation training. They used the Security Manual, Hamzat, Standard Operating Procedures, SOP, FAA-approved Training Program, Operations Specifications, and General Operations Manual, GOM, to customize each module so that it is well delivered. They deliver the Part 135 online aviation training in a personalized Online Learning Center dedicated to the company.

First Step 

They use in-depth analysis of the participants’ training programs to set up their training once the process starts. Since they already know what modules will meet participants’ training program requirements, they use that to map out the modules they have. This online training can be available to meet participants’ time requirements (which is a key issue) and required content with how the training is set up. They can also customize a set of online modules that work best for them since they have the power to subtract modules or add custom content.

Once the participant agrees and is happy with the plan outlined in their free training manual and wants to sign up with them, they are required to pay $4000 initial payment. They can then start working on their modules with this. They also offer initial training, and the price is on the curriculum size.

Second Step

The trainers will then ask the participant to submit their Ops Specs and GOM for their Subject Matter Exerts for them to start the complete customization process once they have chosen the Part 135 online aviation training provider. This will take the form of integrating their operator-specific procedures while taking their modules. After that, they will add how the candidate will log VOC checks and a review of part 135 online aviation training. They will also add the students’ approved way to submit load manifests and even operator-specific balance and weight methods. It is the provider’s job to ensure that they adhere to the same process for every module that the participant has in their online training. The training program is their output since the provider won’t deliver a generic Part 135 online aviation training for the participants. For the approval process, the candidate’s POI will have an opportunity to log in and view the customized modules. If they want to personalize the training, the provider may also ask for images of the candidate’s operations and aircraft. They can use this to create an exclusive portal for the participant to log into the online training for their operation.

Last Step

Once everything has been sorted, the provider will have the candidate’s training customized and ready within 45 to 90 days. From across the country, POI has praised the operator’s specific procedures and approved the training programs. While the participant gets going with the training, the provider will be the one to take care of the details and manage the program.