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Online GED Preparation – Fitting the GED Into Your Life

Online GED Preparation – Fitting the GED Into Your Life

Despite the benefits of a GED, including improved earning potential, more job opportunities, and access to higher education, most adult Americans without a high school diploma don’t take the GED exam. America’s 30 million adults who lack a high school diploma or GED face significant problems in earning a GED. As adults, GED candidates have entered the workforce, taken on financial responsibilities, and started families. Because of under-education, these adults often struggle to make ends meet, holding multiple jobs and lacking transportation and child care. All these factors make it difficult to study for and earn a GED, the path to a more viable career.

To take traditional adult education classes, a GED candidate must find transportation to class, time away from home and work responsibilities, and child care to travel to school. A solution to this problem is online GED education. By taking online GED preparation courses, adults can more easily fit the GED into their lives. A good online study program allows a GED candidate to learn at their own pace, at times that fit into their busy schedule. Though traditional GED classes are at set times, online GED preparation is available to learners twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When the kids have gone to bed, or in between jobs, most learners can find a half hour to an hour per day of study time.

One of the reasons online learning can be easily fit into a student’s life is that an online study program can be taken at home, so there’s no need for transportation. For one-car families, or families dependent on public transportation, studying at home is an enormous benefit. Travel time by bus or other public transportation is often much greater than by car, and adult education classes can be difficult to access. A good online GED preparation program is available instantly, through the Internet, via inexpensive net-books or other home computers.

The problem of child care is also greatly reduced through online GED preparation. Child care can be expensive and difficult to find. Though it’s important to have quiet time to study, while the children are in bed, studying, or playing, a GED candidate can study online without need to find a caretaker for the children.

Online GED preparation fits into the lives of adult learners who struggle with traditional adult education classes. More online preparation is an essential element of expanding GED outreach to adult learners with adult lives and responsibilities.