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NYU Offers A Variety Of Certificate Programs That Can Cater To Those Pursuing Adult Education

NYU Offers A Variety Of Certificate Programs That Can Cater To Those Pursuing Adult Education

Are you looking for a way to boost your career? Do you want a way to enhance your current situation without entering into a degree program that will take you years to complete? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then you should consider entering into a certificate program offered by New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. By enrolling into one of their prestigious certificate programs you can be well on your way to enhancing your career opportunities and making more money in a job that you love.

The certificate programs at NYU are a great way for individuals to expand their expertise within a specific area without having to commit to a time consuming degree program. NYU designs these certificate programs to fit into the schedules of busy professionals while they also teach in-depth knowledge of the subject matter at hand. Completing a certificate program from NYU allows individuals to receive credentials that lead to achieving career goals.

NYU has a number of certificate programs to choose from. Some of their most popular certificate programs fall under the umbrella of business. One option available is to receive a certificate in marketing. The purpose of this certificate is to guide you through the dynamics of marketing as well as to teach you how to apply marketing principles to a practical working environment. The marketing certificate is made up of a total of six courses.

Students can also choose to complete a program in financial analysis. This program allows individuals the ability to learn analytical practices used by financial analysts and managers in a variety of settings. Individuals who work in or are interested in working in corporations, investment firms, and professional services firms can benefit greatly from this program. Students are awarded their certificate in as little as nine months.

NYU also offers students an option in project management. Individuals who have little or no experience in project management can enter into this program as well as can individuals who are looking to enhance their current project management skills. Those who complete this program gain the knowledge necessary to become successful project managers within a variety of industries. The program requires students to complete a series of five courses.

Individuals looking to learn solid skill sets in management as well as a thorough understanding of corporate politics can benefit from completing a certificate program in management practices from NYU. This is a great option for persons who are just beginning in management or who are looking to delve into a more supervisory role in their current careers. In the program students learn about management practices, supervisory skills, as well as leadership abilities.

Another great certificate program available from NYU is in business technology. Students who complete this program are able to understand how to plan and implement technology solutions in order to make the processes of business more efficient as well as gain knowledge in the features of client/server systems. This certificate requires a total of four required courses in addition to one elective course.