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How to Properly Dispose of Incontinence Products

How to Properly Dispose of Incontinence Products

Incontinence products are one of the best options available for you if you are dealing with urinary incontinence and struggling to manage your day to day life. When you have incontinence it can cause you to have struggles with your social life as you may end up avoiding public situations for fear that you will have an accident when you are out. You need to consider using some quality incontinence products in order to help you manage your condition without living with the embarrassment that comes with incontinence.

One of the biggest worries people have with incontinence is what happens if you have an accident when you are at another person’s home? Having an incontinence problem when you are not at your own home can cause you to be very embarrassed and you may not know what to do. This is why you need to keep an emergency pack of incontinence products in your car at all times. This gives you something to have in a tough situation. Having emergency products to change out is one thing but how can you dispose of your adult diapers at another person’s home?

There are several incontinence supplies on the market and there are even some for overnight visits. You can purchase a package that includes new adult diapers and also has a spot where you can place your used incontinence products and toss them when you get home. The plastic will seal them off and has a neutral PH in it to prevent it from smelling.

What else can you do? Take some small plastic bags with you and tie up your adult diapers and dispose of them in an outside garbage can. This way you won’t need to worry that your incontinence pads or diapers could be sitting in your friend’s garbage for days.

Washable incontinence underwear will need to be placed in a bag and taken home with you. Using a plastic sack and tossing it in your car is a great way to hide it. If you have a purse you might also consider adding it to this but you need to consider purchasing incontinence supplies that are specially made for emergencies and have PH scents in them so you don’t end up having to worry about a smell.

A smart idea to use is to always have a small black bag with you. This can be your emergency bad where you will place your used incontinence products. Scented disposable bags can help to hide your used adult diapers but they also do not leave a smell in your friend’s house if you do toss the used products here.

When you are headed out you need to prepare yourself for having an incontinence problem. Have your emergency products with you but you also need to prepare your body. You need to reduce your intake of caffeine and other things that can stimulate the bladder to release urine. You also need to avoid drinking alcohol when you are out as the alcohol often causes you to lose muscle control and you can easily have an embarrassing accident. If you have met with your doctor about incontinence you should make sure you are taking the right type of medications to help you gain control over incontinence.

Managing incontinence doesn’t need to be an embarrassing thing. With the right type of incontinence products you will be able to prevent others from knowing about your condition and you won’t be embarrassed.