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How to Become a Radiologic Technologist

How to Become a Radiologic Technologist

Being a Radiologic Technologist not only will you make very decent money but this is a type of job that is secure. Even when the economy gets tough there will be a need for this type of worker in the medical profession.

You may have started to look around and found some conflicting information about educational requirements though. Once you understand more about becoming a Radiologic Technologist though it will all make sense. The differences stem from requirements being very different in various states. In some locations you only need a certificate to get an entry level job. Most of the time though you will need an Associates Degree.

There are some states out there that require a Bachelors Degree and licensing before they will hire anyone in the role of Radiologic Technologist. You need to find out what the minimum requirements are in your location. However, as a word of advice the Bachelors Degree is going to earn you the most money. It is also going to help you to be seen as one of the best job applicants that an employer has.

You will find that there are plenty places to get your education completed. You can look at online programs, technical schools, large universities, and small community colleges. You always want to check out their accreditation though. If they aren’t fully accredited then you won’t be able to become licenses as a Radiologic Technologist.

You also want to take a good look at their curriculum. Does it cover all of the areas you need including math, English, biology, physics, chemistry, and technology? If not the program isn’t going to help you have what you need to do well in the role of Radiologic Technologist. Find out about the qualifications of the instructors too. They should have plenty to offer.

After your education is done you will need to apply through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). This is where you will be able to get set up to take your licensing exam. You may find that your own state doesn’t mandate that to be taken. Right now there are 14 states that don’t require it and 36 of them that do.

When you do have that licensing in place though you will find that more job opportunities open up you. Employers want to have the best of the best when it comes to Radiologic Technologist so show them that you have the right level of education as well as understanding to do an exceptional job for them and all of the patients that they service.

Once you have became a Radiologic Technologist you have to remember the requirements for re-certification too. Every 2 years you will be required to recertify. In order to do so you have to show that you have completed 24 hours or more of continuing education. You have to have documentation of what you completed and when you completed it too. You never know if you will be one of the people that gets audited or not so don’t try to cheat in this area.

It is really only 1 hour of continuing education every month that you work, so when you break it down it is feasible to do it with ease. The problem though can occur if you allow that time to go by and you don’t work on your continuing education hours until the end.