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Detox and Recovery Centers are Saving Lives

Addiction is a disease of the brain and it negatively affects a person’s behavior. A drug addiction or an alcohol addiction grabs hold of a person and there is no resisting its effects by yourself. Addiction puts your life and health in danger, as well as causing financial ruin, emotional starkness, and problems with family and friends.

Your day is filled with how you are going to get your next fix or drink. The use of drugs over an extended period of time affects your memory, decision-making, critical thinking, and the ability to learn. There is no cure for drug or alcohol addiction, but treatment does help you defeat the desire to use drugs and to stay drug-free.

Treatment modules feature counseling, medication, and a redirection of the brain. Not every person responds the same to addiction treatments, but detoxification centers can tailor a treatment program for each patient who comes through their doors.

When addiction takes hold of the brain, patients who enter a recovery center do not understand that they have a disease and need help. Addicts are in denial, they are defiant, and they live in constant fear.

Fear continues as the addict or victim tries to stop the drug or alcohol abuse, then the disease in the brain has them thinking that they are all alone.

Detoxification or recovery centers seek to dispel all of these emotions and feelings through counseling, group therapy, and advanced evidence-based practices.

Many diverse services are provided at drug detoxification Everett WA centers, like:

• Acute medically supervised detox programs
• Alcohol/drug instructional school
• All-encompassing residential and outpatient services for women
• Anger management
• Assessment program
• Co-occurring counseling
• Drug screening
• DUI programs
• Early intervention programs
• Outpatient programs (a few have therapeutic daycare service)

Supervised detoxification programs are monitored 24 hours a day with professional RNs, nurses, counselors, registered practitioners, and other specialists. Detoxification courses are provided that involves dietary training, medical patches, health screening, medical exams, and many other recovery support services.

If your loved ones begin exhibiting the following drug and alcohol addiction symptoms, contact your nearest Everett, Washington area detox, and recovery centers and let them help you:

• Lack of sleep or sleeping too much
• Not eating
• Physical appearance changes, especially the eyes
• You have a new set of friends that seem a little questionable
• Engaging in dangerous activities
• Blacking out
• Memory loss
• Personality change

Don’t let your financial situation keep you from getting detox help. Washington state recovery centers do not turn people away and they accept Medicaid.

Washington treatment facilities can treat individuals regardless of their level of addiction. Many recovery facilities are a part of the National Institute of Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network which provides advanced research techniques for various types of addictions.

If you are a friend or family member who would like to know more about addiction, the professional staff of detox centers is always available. Continuing care helps to give patients another chance at learning new skills