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Choosing The Right Adult Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Choosing The Right Adult Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Just like with clothing and shoes it is sometimes hard to find just the right adult plus size Halloween costumes. When it comes to Halloween costumes though it’s not just the fit that has to be right, it’s also the personality, but that’s true no matter what size you are.

However the plus size man or woman does have the added problem of finding something that fits just right. You don’t what something that’s oversized and makes you look bigger then you are and you don’t what something that’s too small and tight fitting, which also makes you look bigger then you are.

So exactly what are the choices when it comes to adult plus size Halloween costumes? Well really the same choices there are for smaller adults. The choice really comes down to what suits you. After all the fun of this holiday is dressing up in funny, scary, silly and crazy costumes and it doesn’t matter what size you are there is a costume out there that will suit your fancy.

Lets say this year you want to make everybody laugh. There are funny plus size Halloween costumes out there that will do just that. You can be a clown, a plus size Popeye or a plus size Wilma Flintstone. Who says big can’t be sexy? How about a plus size vampire or Betty Boop or even a speak easy saloon girl? Feeling like a hero? Well you can be a plus Spiderman, Superman or Batman. You ladies can be super too as Supergirl, Wonder Woman or Batgirl.

The point is, just because you’re a plus size person you don’t have to be relegated to costumes that are thought of as traditional for your size. You have the same choices in costumes as the folks that are smaller then you are. There are plenty of ideas out there for you in adult plus size Halloween costumes so don’t let yourself be pigeon holed.

Lets take a look (metaphorically speaking) at a few more ideas before we go. In the plus size Halloween costumes for men, how would you like to be a Star Ship Enterprise crew member, a scary evil jester, a Ghost buster or a human beer keg? In the plus size women’s Halloween costumes you can be a sexy elf, or show off those curves as a sexy she devil or make them laugh as Giggles the clown.

Make your choice of adult plus size Halloween costumes this year and have a happy Halloween.