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Can Teenage Pregnancies Be Avoided?

Can Teenage Pregnancies Be Avoided?

The incidences of teenage pregnancies have been reducing as per a recent survey conducted in the USA. The reason for this has been attributed to use of contraceptives which was advocated in the promotion of safe sex. With the internet and the media adding to the burden of peer pressure it is now not just up to the system to handle the problem. It is a problem of the community as a whole. Not just teen pregnancies but STD’s and infections transmitted due to unprotected sex are also avoidable.

It is a social issue when statistics record that 34% of young girls become pregnant while still in their teens. The only way that teenage pregnancies can be avoided is by educations and awareness. This is a factor that must involve even families and extended families. Our children are precious but there is a lot of information out there that can confuse a child. Couple that with raging teen hormones and a society where dating among even young teens is encouraged. While social interaction is required among opposite sexes it is imperative that every young adult has the dangers of teen pregnancy explained to them. It is not just about the act but they must understand that such acts have their fallouts and the entire family pays the price.

A young girl is not physically prepared to bear a child. Emotionally, physically or even financially. And bringing up a baby is no child’s play. Even a young boy is not equipped to be a father when he has so much growing up to do himself. Along with the social groups that encourage safe sex it is important that the family too encourage their children to wait for some more maturity before being sexually active. A lot of our confidence and insecurities stem from our family life. With a happy and secure background a child is open enough to speak about his feelings and fears. Similarly, a parent will be able to discuss these issues freely encouraging their children to continue to remain open with them.

Schools in America advocate the ‘Abstinence from Sex’ path in their sex education. This is not always possible in this changing world. While encouraging them to wait parents must also point out the health risks and the responsibilities of a teenage pregnancy. Meeting or talking to support groups that deal with teenage pregnancies will definitely help your child understand firsthand how undesirable a situation this is.