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Barbecue Party Ideas

Barbecue Party Ideas

Most men have the desire to grill food on the open flame of a barbecue grill. It is also widely appealing to women too. The basics of cooking over gas or charcoal are the same. Summer is the perfect time to invite family and friends over for a Barbecue Party and show off your grill skills.


When planning your menu for the party you are not limited to just hamburgers and hot dogs. A quick search online shows recipes and tools for grilling everything from pizza to fruit kabobs. Stick to the basics or get creative and try something that your guests might now expect.


If children are on your guest list then try to get them as involved as possible. Younger children can make great prep cooks. Provide them each an apron. Let them help make vegetable or fruit kabobs by placing the precut items on wooden skewers. Foil packet cooking is also a great way to grill vegetable or fruit. They can help put all the ingredients inside and fold them up. Some suggestions are: potatoes with green beans for a vegetable dish and bananas with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows make a great dessert.


To please the adults at your party try barbecuing salmon on a cedar plank. Another great party idea is to host a “bring your own grilling” party and let guests bring their favorites for the grill. You will have a fun time trying everyone’s favorites. 


Get outside and enjoy the summer with these barbecue party ideas.