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Back Acne – The Causes and Treatments!

Back Acne – The Causes and Treatments!

Back Acne is very similar to facial acne because they have essentially the same development and lesions. However, the sebaceous glands found on your back are somewhat larger and are known to produce even more oil in comparison with facial oil glands. These glands are known to have lesions which are more severe including cysts and nodules. This production is also more frequent. Also, your back has thicker skin as compared to your face. This makes the effectiveness of treatment a greater challenge.

Acne of the back is found on upper arms, the back and also on buttocks. It occurs due to the clogging of pores as a result of over-production of sebum (excess oil). This usually happens at the onset of puberty. Skin cells stick in this excess oil attracting bacteria leading to back acne.

This acne occurs in different forms. These include cysts, pustules, blackheads and pimples and are very painful since they form deep beneath the surface of the skin.

The good thing, however, is that it is possible to treat back acne. However, treatment depends on the severity of the back acne.

For mild acne on the back, first wash your back using a cleanser that contains an anti-bacterial. This cleanser should have been formulated for use on the face. Do not use regular soaps. Allow the skin to dry.

Second, apply a cream or gel which has 10% of benzoyl peroxide. You can get this gel over the counter or your doctor can prescribe one for you. Leave the skin to dry.

Third, experts have suggested applying the cream in step two in combination with treatments of alpha hydroxy acids, but this is optional.

On the other hand, if your back acne is very severe, you need to take on a different approach. This will involve undertaking to consult a qualified and experienced dermatologist. This physician will give you a prescription of the treatment that you will use to rid of your severe back acne. Actually, the dermatologist can treat your cysts at his premises.

Prevention is said to be better than cure. For back acne, this statement also holds a lot of water. Exfoliation is one of the greatest means of prevention. It will rid you of all the cells of dead skins that may have built up on your back, the back of your arms and on your buttocks. Salt scrubs will sting you. Therefore, utilize sugar scrubs at least once every week.

It is also highly advisable that you always use clean fabrics. Dirt will attract bacteria which are responsible for yielding back acne. This means that you should always clean your bras, t-shirts, bedsheets, pillowcases, towels and all the other fabrics that may get in touch with your back.