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Adult Motorcycle Helmets – Exploring Your Options When Making Your Helmet Purchase

Adult Motorcycle Helmets – Exploring Your Options When Making Your Helmet Purchase

Are you looking to purchase an adult motorcycle helmet in order to satisfy the helmet law in your state, or simply to provide yourself with some protection while you’re out on your motorcycle trip? Well you’ll have no problems finding what you need because of the fact that there is a style available for just about any preference that you may have.

One of the most popular types of adult motorcycle helmets is the half helmet. This type allows for the most freedom because there is no enclosure around the entire rider’s head. The shell only sits on the top half of the riders head, and a chin strap wraps down along the rider’s ears and fastens underneath the chin. Half helmets come in a number of shapes, styles, and sizes so there are a number of options that you have to choose from. The half helmet is one of the more popular adult motorcycle helmets because they are made to allow for more freedom by allowing more airflow to areas of the head that would normally be covered by the full face version.

Another popular type of adult motorcycle helmet is the three quarter style helmet which is much like the half helmet. The only real difference is that the shell of the three quarter extends farther down the side of the head, as well as the base of the neck. You also have the option of attaching large face shields on this type of helmet. These face shields typically run the entire length of the front opening on the helmet and can be flipped up or down which is great for allowing air flow to your face while riding.

Finally, the other popular type of adult motorcycle helmet is the full face version that we had mentioned earlier. This helmet is the most safest out of all the styles mentioned because of the fact that they completely enclose the rider’s head, leaving very little surface area exposed. This is great from a protection standpoint, but maybe not so great from a comfort standpoint if you’re looking for more freedom with regard to airflow. Full face helmets come with visors that can flip up and down, and often time will have vents situated around the front of the face near the visor opening to allow for increased air flow to the inside of the helmet. There are also versions of the full face helmet, also known as modular helmets, where the entire front portion of the helmet can be flipped into an upright position, leaving the entire rider’s face exposed. This is great for air flow and allows the rider to get a little breathing room during times of warm riding conditions.

If your shopping for adult motorcycle helmets, be sure to take your time doing so and explore all of the different options you have until you find the perfect one for you.