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Adult Acne Treatment With Prescribed Medication

Adult Acne Treatment With Prescribed Medication

Adult acne treatment is not much different from the teenager’s acne treatment. The hormonal changes are natural in both of the ages and mostly active during puberty, menopause and pregnancy. Your acne treatment some times requires checking hormonal imbalance, with low dose birth control pills. However, a medical practitioner should administer these. Self-medication for acne in pregnancy may develop serious consequences. You should avoid any medication prescribed for acne unless you doctor advice you to continue that.

Most of the prescribed treatments for adult acne include:

Treatment with Topical Products:

o Adult acne treatment includes creams that will dry up excess oil and kill bacteria.

o OTC treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or sulfur are effective in treating mild acne.

However, if your skin no longer responds to these treatments, you may need stronger topical treatments such as Tretinoin and adapalene.

Treatment with Antibiotics:

o Antibiotics are required if you experience moderate to severe acne. At this condition, antibiotics dose are recommended. It reduces bacteria on your skin and fight inflammation to relieve you. Usually, you need to take oral antibiotics while undergoing topical treatments.

Treatment with Isotretinoin:

o Isotretinoin is required if your skin does not respond to the above-mentioned treatments, you might have severe forms of acne. In this case, you might need to use isotretinoin but you should be aware that it has severe side effects if not monitored properly.

Treatment with Laser therapy:

o Acne treatment with laser therapies is done by treating the deeper layers of your skin without damaging the skin surface. Usually, these types of treatments damage the faulty sebaceous glands that produce excess oil or sebum.