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5 Things to Consider Before Pursuing an Adult Education Degree

5 Things to Consider Before Pursuing an Adult Education Degree

As we are all too aware, today’s economy isn’t going to vastly improve in the foreseeable future. For those of us who are in solid, secure jobs (as secure as possible at any rate) we have to tighten our belts and make sure we are spending and investing our money wisely. However, for those of us who are in jobs that are a little more tenuous, pursuing an adult education degree may well be the key to truly having a secure future.

There are some things you will want to think about when trying to decide what adult education degree you may want to pursue:

1. Working towards any degree is a prolonged process which requires you make time to take classes as well as having to make time to study. With both online and brick and mortar classes available, examining the pros and cons of each will influence which direction you go.

2. With adult education degrees being available online, there is some concern prospective employers may not accept completed degrees. As long as these degrees are from accredited colleges and universities, employers don’t care if the degree was earned online or in brick and mortar institutions.

3. To ensure you will be earning a marketable adult education degree, take a look at the demographics and needs of your area when deciding which degree program you will want to pursue. Keep in mind that there will be a constant and persistent need for anyone willing to pursue a career in the medical field. While doctors and surgeons are important, the support structure for hospitals and doctor’s offices are important as well.

4. If considering a career in the health care industry, getting an adult education degree isn’t limited to nursing and lab technicians. Administration, secretarial and accounting services are just as important to a successful hospital system as nursing and other medical functionaries.

5. Information Technology careers will continue to be strong for the foreseeable future as well, again with large gains in the health care industry. Pursuing an adult education degree in IS or IT management will provide you with many opportunities in your future.

As our population continues to grow and as “Baby Boomers” begin to shift into old age, the need for health care workers will continue to grow. Since so many career paths from accounting, nursing of all levels, information systems, business administration, lab technicians and more all converge in heath care, having an adult education degree, whether earned online or in a brick and mortar classroom, will bring you to a career that is solid and secure.