What Are Shopworx.com College Branding Services?

Shopworx is a company that provides specialized business software products to the promotional and decorated apparel industry. That includes screen printers, embroidery companies, digital printers and award design companies, as well as promotional product manufacturers and distributors. Onsite is the signature software product that can be integrated into other products. ProofStuff has features that make proofing items, and getting approvals, online fast and easy. ManageOrders consists of a self-service web-based portal for customers that features customized branding to suit any business, while PromoStores is designed for e commerce sites that sell pre-printed materials.

The benefits of the software include increases in organization, better customer services, help with pricing and marketing items, product and invoice management, and improved shipping and tracking processes. The application of these software programs or services to streamline promotional items sold by colleges is what makes up shopworx.com college branding services. The software can be purchased and licensed for use on the college server, or be provided by the company through a monthly subscription price. The Software as Service (SaS) option is suitable for small colleges that do not have their own server. The company manages the software, updates, and backups on cloud servers, and provide support staff services as well. The pricing is based on the amount of users, and can be adjusted to add users in the future if needed.

The use of the business software will save substantial time and money spent on keeping track of branded inventory from several departments and purchase outlets within the system. Currently, many colleges have staff who review the invoices, ordering patterns, and needs of the bookstore; mobile points of sale, such as college fairs and community events; the performing arts venues, sports teams, the website, and the alumni department. That work is exponential, depending on the number of branches and campuses any college may have in the system. Streamlining all those reports, accounting procedures, shipping invoices, and inventory records is well worth the cost of the software. Discovering the features of each product will help administrators determine which ones will best suit the needs and budgets of the college. Training is offered to help colleges realize the maximum benefits from software.