What to Look For Other than Simply Cell Phones with Big Buttons

Let’s face it. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to see a great many senior citizens snapping selfies or posting to Instagram from their phones, however, the need for quality cell phones is still great. In fact, cell phones with big buttons, easy to read displays and low monthly fees are growing in popularity and the demand is high. So, what should seniors look for in a quality phone?


While not all senior citizens are on fixed incomes, there’s no doubt a goodly number are. With that in mind, who wants to spend more money than they have to? The good news is there are quality cell phone plans starting as low as $19.00/month and offer up to 300 minutes of usage. To the hipster who relies on his phone for life, 300 minutes may not sound like a drop in the bucket, but for most seniors, this is more than ample.


It’s a good idea to seek out a phone plan that offers a mobile monitoring service as well. With this type of service, customers are able to program their medical information and emergency contacts into a data base. With the touch of a button, agents can dispatch an ambulance and notify loved ones, something simply unavailable with a typical 911 call. It’s true that it’s usually an additional monthly charge, but one that provides a great deal of peace of mind.


The phone itself should be solid, easy to hold and hard to break. Additionally, if it does break, it should have a replacement plan in place able to provide another phone quickly. The phone should come hearing aid compatible and with large, easy to press numbers and clear, color screens. By purchasing a phone that’s easy to use, seniors will not dread using it and will keep it charged and ready to use.

If you or a loved one needs a simple, easy to use phone with large buttons, waste no time looking at the typical phones. Go for a snapon phone and plan, taking the worry out of getting in touch with your family and friends.