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Understand the Ways to Make Crest Whitening Strip Effective

Most people have teeth problems as they advance in age. Many people discolor their teeth. Many factors contribute to this discoloration. Smoking is one of the primary reason for this trend. Failure to clean the teeth appropriately and many years of taking tea can lead can lead to discoloration. There are a lot more causes of the discoloration. This problem has a solution. There is a whitening tool called Crest Whitening strip which helps to return the teeth to their original color. It is very effective in whitening the teeth. One can laugh without feeling ashamed. Never use before you know how to use it to effectively achieve the desired results. This article will help you to understand on how to use the strip.

You should clean the teeth minutes before you apply the strip. This helps to remove food particles and bacteria which may hinder the proper working of the whitening strip. Brushing helps in ensuring that the extra saliva will not dilute the whitening gel in the strip.

You should seek information on how to align the strip on your teeth. Get to know how you should ensure that the whitening gel is in contact with the teeth. The side with the gel is the one that should touch the teeth. This side which is attached to the teeth substance is the one which causes bleaching.

Remove the strip from its carrier when you are ready to use it. Handle the Crest Whitening strip as it can be weak. You should not touch the side that has the whitener. Use dry hands when dealing with the strip.

Use a clean cloth to wipe any saliva. This ensure that the process of whitening is smooth. Find something that you will place on the cheeks to enlarge them and also ensure there is less saliva in your mouth. Smoothen strips that have been placed on your teeth. Ensure that the strip does not leave any space that has not been covered. Ensure that strip does not touch the gum as it may irritate making the gums white.

Allow Crest Whitening strip to do its work slowly. There is a particular time which is recommended for proper functioning of the Crest Whitening strip. Ensure that you lie on a flat surface with your mouth wide open to help in drying of the saliva.

Remove the Crest Whitening strip after the recommended time. Ensure that the Crest Whitening strip after removing it from the mouth. Allow the Crest Whitening strip to be on your teeth within the recommended time only. The reason is that overstaying can lead to teeth sensitivity and does not lead to more white teeth.

Brush your teeth immediately you remove the strip. Never swallow the gel as it may have side effects. Use the strip the same way for not less than ten days.

In case you do not clean your hands, the skin may have patches because of the reaction with the gel.

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