Know The Success Formula To Crack UPSC Exam

So, you have decided to take the plunge and start preparing for UPSC Civil Service exams? Well, the best IAS Coaching center in your city can make a lot of difference in your preparation. However, the grunt work has to be done by you. Civil Service coaching centers can’t do everything. You need to find out the ideal approach to crack this exam.

What does it take?

Is it tough? Yes, it is one of the toughest exams in India. Is it impossible to crack if you are an average student? Well, if you are willing to put in the hard yards, you can make it happen. When you are new to the game, you might be confused about the things you should do and the steps you should avoid. So, it is wise to find out about the crucial routines that you can incorporate into your preparation. Continue reading to find out more about the methods you can use to become a Civil Servant.

Start on the right note

UPSC wants you to be aware of all the important events taking place in India and the world. They also want you to have the basic knowledge needed to interpret the consequences of these happenings. So, you should start tackling the syllabus on two fronts. You need to put in efforts and familiarize yourself with the basics of history, geography, economics, political science, and general science. The best way to do it is by studying NCERT books meant for students of classes 6-12.

Along with this, you need to start reading newspapers such as the Hindu and the Indian Express. If you start with this, you can rest assured that you will keep up with important events and gain the essential basic knowledge. If you start dealing with complicated course materials of the coaching institutes at this stage, you can mess up your progress. You will also end up creating many complications instead of gaining conceptual clarity.

Analyze the syllabus

Successful aspirants are always aware of all the intricacies and nuances of the UPSC syllabus. And you can’t expect to crack this exam unless you do the same. When you take a look at it, you will realize the sheer breadth of the topics covered. It might seem a lot to take in, but you shouldn’t forget that it is the same for all aspirants. So, it is more about how you react to the syllabus instead of its vastness in itself.

A schedule

You might be a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, UPSC has similar expectations from all. So, to become worthy of clearing UPSC CSE and become an IAS officer, you need to regulate your activities throughout the day. The time at which you study shouldn’t keep on changing from one day to another. UPSC CSE tends to reward those who stick through the tough times and keep fighting. Giving a routine shape to your preparation module matters more than everything else. You need to ensure that you study during specific hours every day without any exceptions.

Start writing mock tests

When you have developed a decent amount of knowledge about the course of study, you should start writing mock tests. All the reputed coaching institutes provide this facility, and you can join the program of the best IAS academy in your city. If your town doesn’t have high-quality institutions, you can also avail online mock tests to get the impetus in this direction. During this time, you can even start assessing the previous year’s question papers. You can check whether you can perform decently.

Stay motivated

You shouldn’t forget that the most prominent battles, whether personal or worldly, are won in your mind first. So, if you have started your preparation and things don’t seem under control, you need to persist with your efforts. You need to believe in your methods and continue working hard.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t complete your preparation in four months. It is a journey, and growth is a gradual process. You need to accept it as a fact of life and continue your march towards success. Oftentimes, the difference between a topper and other aspirants is their confidence and not the number of hours for which they studied.