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What You Need to Know as Cloud Technology Develops There have been many changes in the IT industry in recent years. One of the biggest and most exciting changes has been in data storage. It is little wonder, with the sudden rise of cloud technologies, that so many companies have been shifting to cloud based data storage solutions. And according to Mark Hurd, CEO or Oracle, you can expect many more companies to make the transition to cloud storage in the next several years. Though the transition from in house data storage solutions to cloud based storage is positive in many ways, there is still the problem of dealing with change that can cause disruption in many companies. To help you deal with this disruptive aspect of new technology you will find cloud storage experts working at a variety of IT companies, like Oracle for instance, who can help you navigate change in a positive way. Because there are so many companies making the switch to cloud based IT and data storage services, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of competition that you will find in the cloud storage industry. Major players in the IT services industry have been hard at work in recent years creating data centers around the world, companies like Oracle and Microsoft, competing to create the data centers and servers necessary to provide cloud storage to businesses and individual users all around the world. With increased competition there is likely to be some advantages for consumers.
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As competition increases, consumers likely to find lower prices and package deals on cloud services that can offer them an excellent value. But, as Mark Hurd of Oracle has explained recently in an Interview with CNBC, it is not always a good idea to settle for the least expensive cloud storage. The recent developments in the cloud storage market, known collectively as the ‘cloud wars’, features several industry leading companies, like Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft, who are all making a play at becoming the major cloud storage provider in the IT world.
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If you would like more information about the future of cloud technologies, and what you should know when positioning your company for success in the future, the first step is to find an IT company that can provide you with the advice you need to find reliable cloud storage. When you take a moment to visit the official website of Oracle, you will be able to learn more about CEO Mark Hurd, including information about a day in the life of a CEO and Mark Hurd’s perspective on the ongoing cloud wars. To begin, all you need to do is perform a search engine search for the full story concerning the cloud wars and Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.