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Forms Of Computer Repair Computer repair is a broad field consisting of many techniques and procedures that help in the process of identifying and resolving problems in a faulty computer. Issues that require computer repair may include failed hardware components, network connectivity problems, some drivers being incompatible, virus problems and operating system upgrades which may be harmful to the computer’s performance. Computer related problems that necessitate repair can be classified as either software or hardware problems while some problems are user-related. Problems that are caused by the software include virus infection to the computer, outdated programs that malfunction and operating system crash. Computer viruses are very destructive programs created and secretly installed on a computer by malicious people without the knowledge of the user and with the intention of causing destruction to data and information on the computer. Signs of computer system infection by a virus can be identified by slow computer processes that are unusually not as fast as on normal days and also the computer display a lot of error messages whenever the user wants to execute a command by clicking any buttons. A computer that has been infected by a virus can be repaired by installing an up-to-date version of an antivirus program onto the computer system and then using it to scan, find and remove the threat and also preventing future infection by keeping the antivirus program updated. Other software related problems are caused by outdated software such as operating system or other application software which results in a system with uncoordinated operations, and no achieved commands. Errors occurring as a result of software incompatibility are rectified by only installing a software version that is compatible with the operating system and other installed applications. There are situations where the damage is done on the hardware parts of a computer system resulting to breakdown and therefore should be repair. The hard disk might completely crash and cease to work which leads to failure of the entire computer system since it contains all programs that are responsible for running the computer. Since hard drive failure is a very delicate matter; it requires a highly qualified person to do data recovery and repair the drive if possible. The the mouse might also be damaged by either losing sensitivity or the transmission cable getting cut off, and it can be fixed by replacing the sensitivity ball and re attaching the cable.Learning The Secrets About Businesses

Learning The Secrets About Businesses